vrijdag 17 oktober 2008

een babykaart

5 opmerkingen:

Peet zei

Wat ontzettend mooi Jannita!!

Jannita zei

dank je wel Peet

Gracie zei

We are featuring you as our Showcase Blof of the Week at http://everythingcricut.blogspot.com.
The post showcasing yout blog is: http://everythingcricut.blogspot.com/2008/11/showcase-blog-of-week-stempelalbum.html

Feel free to copy & paste the showcase logo on to your site.

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent!

-Gracie from Everything Cricut

Jannita zei

Oh wow Gracie.......THANKS
I feel myself honoured !!

It does me a large pleasure

Gracie zei


I can't remember how I found your blog! But I was happy when I did. If I remember, I will let you know.

-Gracie at EverythingCricut.blogspot.com